What should be on your A2 blog?

1. Welcome statement, explaining the brief you've set and what needs to be handed in. Thoughts.
2. Initial team meeting. Who are you working with? why? Photos of team members. group roles. Scanned notes from meeting with initial plans relating to genre etc.
*********AUDIENCE PROFILE with images. Demographics and psychographics*************
3. Studying short films. You must make it clear you will study short films and you should print screen websites such as BBC Shorts, Virgin Shorts, Channel 4 and anywhere else you can think of. You could also make some notes on the short film industry, why it exists, who the audiences tend to be and how they are distributed. You will do more on this after the Paris Trip.
4. Any class notes of film genre and comments with print screens.
5. Embed the short film "Smashed" or print screen. Explain why you were asked to write the essay. What you got for the essay. how it has improved your understanding of film conventions and film language.
6. Team meeting. Discussion of idea development. Scanned notes. Photos of actors, setting, images of influences etc.
6. Embed the short film "The insane" or print screen. Explain why you were asked to write the essay. What you got for the essay. how it has improved your understanding of film genre and film language.
7. Detailed treatment, with images.
8. Feedback on treatment. What do you need to develop?
9. Studying mise-en-scene. Post your analysis of 'About a girl'. Explain what you were doing and what you gained from it.
10. Team meeting before photoshoot. What do you need? Images of props/costumes/settings/equipment etc to visualise what you are going to do.
11. Photos of you on the photoshoot plus some key photos with analysis. comments on how it went.
12. Storyboard with comments.
13. Script with comments.
14. Group meeting: Planning to shoot sample scene. Any Facebook messages, texts etc as evidence also.
15. Photos of you on shoot with WWW/EBI
16. Photos of you editing footage for sample scene. print screens of successful/unsuccessful footage and comments.
17. sample scene with comments.
18. group meeting: planning for "pitch" and any scanned notes
19. Video of pitch presentation and feedback. explain what you were doing and how it went.
20. Write up and analysis of feedback - detailed.
21. group meeting: action plan.
22. Shooting plan: revised storyboard/shotlist etc
23. Photos of you on shoot. print screens of improved shots etc and comments.
24. The edit. Photos/print screens/comments/feedback/adjustments etc
25. need to re-shoot? group meeting. New plan.
26. Reflection on second shoot.
27. Ancillary tasks -which have you chosen and why? Initial ideas.
28. Film poster research - Inspiration mood board or focus on a couple of posters with annotations and reflection.
29. Film poster sketches. Where would these posters go? Who controls the placement of film posters?
30. first draft of film poster with feedback and reflections.
31. final draft of film poster.
32. Film poster on bus stop, outside cinema etc
33. Radio adverts - what are the conventions? Can you remember any?
34. Inspiration for your radio advert. Key elements you would like to use. Who are you targeting? How would you get this advert on air?
35. script for radio advert with comments.
36. Photos of you recording advert using garageband. Print screens from Garageband.
37. Final radio advert with comments.
38. New edit of film and comments. feedback from tutor.
39. Facebook/Youtube feedback with print screens. Reflection.
40. Final edit of film.
41. PARIS TRIP - film festivals and short film industry. Lots of print screens and photos.
42. Reflection on project. Skills development. Success of final products.