Friday, 19 October 2012

The Shooting Schedule

As we are nearing production, it is time that you start considering when you want to shoot what. To this end you will need to produce a shooting schedule. The most useful schedule's organise shot's and scenes by location and mise-en-scene. This will save you time in the long run and avoid time consuming continuity checks.

If using the same location over a few days is unavoidable, you will need to take photos of the mise-en-scene, including make up and costume in order to prevent continuity issues.

Once you have made your shooting schedule it is vital that each member of your group has a copy. Everyone must attend all shoots noted on the schedule.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Pete Fraser's Media Blog

Pete Fraser is a chief examiner at OCR, our Media Studies exam board. He keeps a blog that is packed full of ideas that you may find useful for your coursework and in preparation for your exam. Follow him!

Sound and Music

The hills are alive!

The specification is somewhat muddled when it comes to the use of sound, but there are a few guidelines that you can use to ensure that you protect yourself from losing 'silly' marks.

1. Don't use obvious/copyrighted songs
2. No songs in their entirety & No '1 song' trailers
3. Excellent sound will be one that ensures quality (including dialogue recordings), mixing and editing

The best test for yourself is that you can honestly say to yourself that you have spent as much energy and stress about sound as you are with the editing, and that you have sought to be creative in your use of sound.

I'd like you to post about your plans towards including sound in your trailers in innovative and unpredictable ways. You may also want to post song choice ideas and evaluations.

Production Logo

Blogs are coming together really nicely so far, well done!

The next thing I would like you all to add to your blogs is a post on Production Logo research and then your own ideas, designs and a final production logo that you will use towards the beginning of your movie trailer.

You can conduct your reseach at trailer addict (, the post your evaluations directly to your blogs. Follow this post up with your own designs and ideas and finally your final logo. Remember you are awarded marks for demonstrating creative process!