Monday, 10 June 2013

What is a theatrical trailer/What is a teaser trailer?

For your second blog post (entitled 'What is a Trailer? What is a Teaser Trailer?) you should discuss each of the six following trailers. This should be both in terms of:
  • A brief overview of each- what characteristics (i.e. titles) does each possess?
  • A brief critical discussion of each trailer- do you think they are effective or problematic? Try to be specific about aspects that you enjoyed or found frustrating- please use screen grabs if this helps.
Finally, by exploring all six of these trailers, attempt to find some common ground between them. Summarise any recurring characteristics (you can make reference to any teaser trailer examples of your own).

Remember that you are encouraged to present this information in more than just writing- so, still images, Prezis or even moving image commentary may all prove more effective.

Slightly less familiar might be the concept of teaser trailers, which you could do (instead of a feature/theatrical trailer). The purpose of this is for you to understand that there are very few essential characteristics that you must include in your own trailer and for you to see some interesting marketing twists that teaser trailers incorporate- in short, to expand your idea of what a trailer needs to be.

Full Theatrical:

We are all somewhat familiar with what a trailer is. As long as you have been to the cinema, you will be aware that there are theatrical trailers where film companies are looking to entice you to come back and see an upcoming film. What you would need to identify is what a trailer must include and what it should include.

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