Thursday, 4 July 2013

Re-make of a Trailer

You should all have a much better understanding of the aspects involved in constructing a trailer by now. Your next major task between now and the break is to construct a shot for shot remake of one trailer of your choice. We will be looking for an attempt at recreating mise en scene, but our main focus will be on your attention to detail in terms of editing and cinematography. It might make sense, and save you some time to remake the trailer that you analysed for your in depth analysis, as you will already have a strong idea of what went in to constructing that trailer.

This task should provide you with the opportunity to generate a number of posts leading up to its eventual completion and comparison to the original.

If you are working on your own, you will be allowed to enlist the help of others within your class to help you perform the task within the time frame.

The group who produce the best trailer remake will win an award of our choosing.

Good luck, may the best group win!

Mr Southworth

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